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I know it’s close but we have a brand new Silver sponsor this year.
Welcome to Barrelling Tide Distillery from Port Williams. I met one of the owners, Colleen Murphy at Saltscapes and asked if she’s put up a poster at their business…..Well she did….We then got the call from her and her Husband/Partner Russell that they had something we might be interested in.
Raye and I dropped up and tried their new Vodka Soda Citrus Twist Cooler. It had a great light taste and not too sweet or too tart…..and it’s 6%….We both liked it….a lot….Very refreshing!!!! Made in Port Williams!!!
So since we sell coolers anyway it seemed a great match.
So welcome Barrelling Tide to the HMF Family. They’ll be set up in the bar and be promoting their cooler….
Remember all adult drinks are only $4.00…..
Should make havin a time easier.