Municipality of West Hants

Municipality of West Hants

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We are so very pleased to have a Platinum Sponsor our great supporters and landlord, The municipality of West Hants.
Every year the Municipality steps up and helps us by lending us Foundry Field for the best part of a week, they come and collect all the garbage, they make sure all the grass is cut, they help promote what we do and they help us at shows.
Thank you so much to the great supporters at the Municipality of West Hants from the Warden on down to all the staff….We can’t have a time without them.

Sir Graham Day and his Family

Sir Graham Day and his Family

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We at HMF are sooo pleased to have Canada’s one and only Knight, Sir Graham Day and his wonderful Family back once again as Gold Sponsor.
Sir Graham and the Family help us with the Fest, always drop by to check on us while we’re setting up and support us for everything we do.
We really do appreciate them all.
Havin a time with a Knight’s pretty cool.

Dean Marsters and Family

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We are very pleased to have back this year as a Silver Sponsor my old classmate and friend Dean Marsters and his Family…..All his siblings and his folks have been long time Hantsport promoters and we appreciate everything he and his family are doing for us.
Dean “Snacky” we hope you’ll be home this year.
Havin a time is always more fun with you around.

Trip Advisor Review

Hantsport Music Fest is now added to Trip Advisor. If you’ve ever done a review with them please feel free to review us.

Good, bad or otherwise as long as it’s your truth.

Just want to have it out there so more folks can find us.

A time is approaching kiddies!

Saint John Ambulance

I’d like to welcome back and thank for their service at HMF our friends from Saint John Ambulance.
Jeff and Kayla Pinch have been coming to the Fest to make sure everyone is safe for a few years.
They actually do it as volunteers and take no pay home. HMF does make a donation to SJA to be used for training and supplies….We do make sure they’re fed ad watered but they bring everything they need and we just hope we never need them.
Thanks folks for your dedicated service to the community.
Nice to know we’ll be havin a safe time with Jeff and Kayla’s help.