THE BANDS of 2018


Band Members – Jason Campbell, Jason Meadus, Terry Chaplin and Jordie Weale

Born 1992 in St.John’s Newfoundland, raised in Halifax Nova Scotia, this powerhouse band cannot be classified. Don’t call them a cover band – Signal Hill may not write the songs, but they own them just the same. No pitch correction, no lip sync, no backing tracks; just real music stripped down to four voices, piano, acoustic guitars, bass and drums. Dare anyone to check out a live show…the more skeptical the better!

2018 Bands

Signal Hill
Heather Rankin
Cedric, Marty & Dave
Matt Balsor & the Hill top Show Band
The No Name Blues Band
Brooklyn Blackmore Band
The Parsons Brothers & Friends

2017 Bands

Signal Hill
Amanda Jackson Band
Makayla Lynn & Band
The Jen Miller Band
The Curtis Matheson Band
Willie Stratton & Band
No Name Blues Band

2016 Bands

Otis Wack
No Name Blues Band
Kevin Fletcher Band featuring Jessica Purdy
Terry Whalen Band
John Campbelljohn
Matt Minglewood