I would like to thank Raye, Jane, Mike, Teresa for all the work they do.

This Fest is becoming a bench mark Fest because of the way we/you do things. You are some of the very best folks I’ve worked with, ever.

These folks work hundreds of hours behind the scenes doing what they do. I can’t imagine getting things done without them. You guys rock!!!!!!!!!

I’d like to thank Lovey for all that she does for the fest, from being my sounding board for ideas to jumping in where ever she’s needed. She’s also pretty damn good about letting me spend a ton of family time doing this. Thanks Hon, Loves Ya.

This year we had a very unexpected and very helpful person help us. I’d like to salute Erskine Greenslade. Erskine is originally from Sussex NB but now lives up on Willow Street with his family and his daughter is part of 106 RCACS. Last year after he worked all day picking up bottles he came to me and said he was planning to take some vacation around the Fest. I guess he did. He was there Friday evening, all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He dropped in on Saturday and worked with 106 RCACS all day picking up bottles and trash……And Sunday morning he was on deck and stayed till the bitter end. He used his truck, his gas and never asked for a thing. Thanks big fella, you were very much appreciated. This very much make me Hantsport Proud.

Kevin Guptell

Co-Chair, HMF