As the next Queen Annapolisa comes into her reign tonight the Board of HMF and all their sponsors, volunteers and supporters are wishing Queen Annapolisa the 84th, Eleanor Gallant all the best.

Eleanor (Queeney) has been a wonderful Queen and has done her very best to promote the Community of Hantsport. All of Avonport to Falmouth.

We got to know Queeney quite well over the summer of 2016 and she’s just an exceptional young woman….Scholar, Athlete, Volunteer and just a lovely person.

Have fun tonight, relish it, cry a little and HAVE A TIME!!!!!

I’ll be standing by tonight waiting for updates from Shelly and Doug as we wait to see how Princess Hantsport, Courtney Garland is doing. I’ll post as soon as I hear things.

Good luck Courtney and you should also “Have a Time”.