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When I was growing up in Hantsport in the 70’s there was a lovely man named Barney Langille who was a mentor to 100’s of my peers, including me.

A short time ago a friend and I had a great talk about Barney. Last week while Lovey and I were having breakfast at Surf, this friend came out of nowhere and gave me a check to cover a Gold Sponsorship in Barney’s memory and this person left before I could discuss it or even thank them….

So today I hunted that person down and this person wants to remain anonymous, but wanted this to be in memory of our friend and mentor, Barney.

Other than helping our folks raise all of kids, he was a local athlete, playing on the old Shamrocks, and an entrepreneur….a Barber, a Pool Hall operator, salesman and lots of other things…..Not to mention husband to Dot and a great dad.

I think of him most every week and am very glad that we’ll be havin a time in July and he’s really one the Hantsport heroes to thank for it.