Sponsor Alert Sponsor Alert
HMF is very pleased to have as a returning Platinum Sponsor…and sadly for the last time…..our friends at the Scotiabank in Hantsport.
The Hantsport Branch is going to do what they do and match any tickets sold there from April 1st till they close in May.
We’ll consider this a kinda presell. If they sell $3000.00, or 120 tickets they’ll match that to us….
So drop into there and get your tickets and help us all out.
REMEMBER April 1st till they close in late May.
At this time though…The Board of HMF would like to sincerely thank all the management and staff of Scotiabank Hantsport for the $25000 they’ve matched ticket sales & donated to our little shindig since we started.
I remember when we started we thought we’d never have a Platinum Sponsor….within a week of our announcement to have the Fest Scotiabank stepped up to be that very first one.
So thank you Scotiabank Hantsport for all the times you helped us have.