Folks here is a copy of our poster for this years Fest. We’ve worked hard to get some of the BEST talent in the Maritimes on our stage. Please take a minute and share it to your friends and ask for a share.

We ask this cause the Community of Hantsport works hard to make this happen, at this point we have 53 total sponsors…..The Hantpsort Music Fest Society puts all the profits equally back to the Volunteer groups that help us.

They are;

The Hantsport Food Bank

The Hantsport Memorial Community Center

The Hantsport Minor Ball Association

The Hantsport Shamrocks

The Hantsport and Area Historical Society

AND Together, The Hantsport and L.E.Shaw Home and School Associations

All of these great Hantsport and Area Volunteer Groups use the funding from the Fest to help run great local programs.

Come and have a time with us…..The “Haven of Hospitality” awaits.