The Hantsport Music Fest gets a lot of credit for helping Princess Hantsport. But as much as we’d love to take all that credit, it’s the Community of Hantsport and all the businesses and people who give us their hard earned money and services that makes this work.

Raye, Mike, Teresa, Jane and I, and all those sponsors and volunteers are so happy we get the chance to do this. I can guarantee that some of the biggest smiles tomorrow will be Raye and I in the truck pulling the float with Cort and Abby on it….I hope they’ll be smiling too!!!  But it’ll be the people that see our little community shining and the cheers of the Hantsport people in the crowd as we go by. I might just burst with pride.

HMF’s number 1 goal is to promote the Community of Hantsport. The last three years we’ve been so lucky to have worked with MacKenzie, Eleanor and Courtney. These strong and very community minded young women make what we do so special. This is one really great way to promote the “Haven of Hospitality”…….Hantsport N.S.

Hantsport Music Fest is so proud to be part of this.

Courtney, we can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Tonight is your night, drink it in and be ready for a long, great day tomorrow.

I know Shelly and Doug, Courtney’s parents are over the moon happy, Shelly’s been texting me info and pics for an hour….lol I’ll share all the pics that Shelly sends me.