Bronze Sponsor – R&G Security

Hantsport Music Fest is very appreciative of this Bronze Sponsor that has been helping us out from the beginning.

R&G Security run by Hantsport’s own Ron and Gayle MacDonald.

Ron has been a mentor to me for years and is always there to bounce ideas off. He’s always given me great advise…from playin hockey to running a Fest….

R&G Security also provides us with great security, which we always hope we really don’t need but we know they’re there.

Havin a safe time with R&G Security.

Silver Sponsor – Kim and Steven Fredericks

Silver Sponsor – Kim and Steven Fredericks

HMF would like to pass on their thanks for the ongoing support to Kim and Steve. Kim and Steve have been helping us sense year 1 in memory of Hantsport legend Carl “Dint” Pulsifer.

Although Kim has moved to Northern Ontario she’s still a Hantsport girl at heart. Hoping that her and Steve will once again get home for the Fest.

Dint was an athlete, he was one of my Sea Cadet Officers and he ran the Store room at Minas for about 200 years….

Thanks Kim and Steve, cause you know Dint would love the time we’re havin.

Silver Sponsor – Tim Hazel Excavating

Silver Sponsor – Tim Hazel Excavating

What can HMF say about Tim Hazel of Tim Hazel Excavating. Tim and Jo have been as staunch supporters as any in the community. Tim has been around hauling, stting up, tearing down, havin a time, lending us his cottage the list goes on.

Tim you are the bomb. Thanks so much for all you do.

So if you need gravel, a dozer or backhoe call Tim and help him support HMF.

A time is always happenin with Tim.

Gold Sponsor – Wayfarers Ale

Gold Sponsor – Wayfarers Ale

The Board of HMF is very excited to have back this year as a Gold Sponsor our friends at Wayfarer Ale in Port Williams. Drop by for a pint and some great entertainment.

Wayfarers is definite example of a great local brewing company with a lot of heart.

We look forward to havin a couple of their adult beverages at the Fest. Havin a time with Wayfarers is always an easy thing.

Thanks to Det, Chris and all the folks that help us out.

Silver Sponsor – sparkingideas

Silver Sponsor – sparkingideas

HMF are very pleased to have back as a Silver Sponsor and our web master sparkingideas, Rob Lewis.

Rob runs his business out of Hantsport and has been bringing all kinds of great ideas to get the word out to the masses.

If you need a commercial web page designed and maintained the contact Rob, he does really good work.

Thanks Rob for helping us get the word out about havin a time in Hantsport.

Silver Sponsor – Rick Shay’s Quality Builders

Silver Sponsor – Rick Shay’s Quality Builders

The Board of HMF welcomes back as a Silver Sponsor long time supporter Rick Shay. Rick has been a huge help over the 5 years we’ve been running the Fest. He’s moved things, built things and been there to help for anything we needed of him.

Rick is an independent contractor working out of Hantsport. You can contact him for all your Reno and Building needs.

Thanks Rick and Pam for all your help.

We’ll be havin a time in 2018 and we’re glad to have you along for the ride.